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Travel Leaders Academy Curriculum

Travel Leaders Academy classroom training program is divided into nine courses, and includes online destination specialist training programs and  a student workbook.  Each course covers the stated topics in depth. Most courses require that standard industry terminology, codes and abbreviations be learned. The program includes 220-hours of comprehensive study; approximately 50% lecture and 50% laboratory hands-on-training.

There are six quizzes along with seven tests throughout the training. Students must achieve a grade point average (GPA) of 81 or higher to be eligible for graduation.

Click here to download the full Travel Leaders Academy course booklet and program guide.

Introduction to the Travel Industry | 3 Hours

This course provides you with an introduction to the school and the travel industry. Topics include: Student responsibilities, history of the travel industry, travel agent job description, agent responsibilities and ethics, travel industry organizations and governing bodies and organizations in the travel industry.

The Basics: Booking Air, Car, Hotels and More | 57 Hours

In this course you will learn how to determine logical itineraries. Reservation procedures are covered and basic airline rules regarding passenger travel are reviewed. Practical application is gained by using the Global Distribution System (GDS) to practice making a variety of air travel reservations for both leisure vacations and business trips

Viva Las Vegas | 30 Hours

Learn how to select, sell and book Las Vegas trips for customers. Gain an understanding of the geography of Las Vegas including the location of hotels, the components of the travel package and tour operators and finding the correct travel package for the customer. 

Hello Florida | 30 Hours

Gain an understanding of Florida’s major tourism destinations, hotels, the components of the travel package, reserving vacation packages with different tour operators and more. Special emphasis will be placed on selling the Disney vacation

Creating Extraordinary Cruise Vacations | 30 Hours

This course will teach you how to customize and book cruise vacations. Gain an understanding of cruise terminology, deck plans and cruise destinations. Topics include: Major cruise lines, cruise activities, shore excursions, pricing of cruises, reserving cruise vacations and determining extra amenities that may be available to enhance your customers cruise vacation. Special emphasis will be placed on selling the Caribbean cruise.

Fun and Sun in Mexico | 18 Hours

Gain an understanding of the geography of Mexico, including the location of major tourism destinations, hotels, and travel packages, tour operators that service this market and how to reserve the trip through them. A special emphasis is placed on how to sell travel insurance, selling the all-inclusive resort and documentation needed for travel to Mexico.

The Business Traveler | 12 Hours

This course will help you create reservations for the business traveler. You will gain an understanding of business traveler demands, and learn how to reserve air, car rental and hotel for the traveler, and the importance of frequency programs. All aspects of using the Global Distribution System (GDS) for the reservation will be covered in this course. Corporate travel policies and how they impact the business traveler will also be covered.

Putting it all Together | 30 Hours

This course offers hands-on practice with customer scenarios. Practice asking the customer questions to determine the correct travel arrangements for each unique traveler, and more. Topics include: The reservation process, how to sell the recommendation, customer payments, documents and follow-up after the trip. The Global Distribution System (GDS) and other online booking tools will be used to make the reservations.

Professional and Career Development | 6 Hours

This course will help you develop professionalism, confidence and gain a better understanding of your potential within the travel industry.  Effective interviewing techniques are reviewed. Topics include: Building a resume, getting and preparing for an interview, and professionalism.

Final and Graduation | 4 Hours