Frontline Agents
Frontline agents work in traditional, retail agencies (often called “Brick & Mortar”) and have direct, face-to-face contact with clients who walk through the door, call or email the office. Sitting at your desk, you would talk clients through the vacation process, giving them options and recommendations, booking their travel and helping them realize their dreams.

Frontline agents work closely with the manager or agency owner to achieve business goals and build a positive name for the agency. The other agents in the office become both your friends and mentors, creating a true camaraderie in the workplace.

Independent Contractors
For those graduates who prefer the freedom and flexibility of working on your own, you may want to be an Independent Contractor.

Independent Contractors (ICs) are often connected to host agencies of their selection—with access to the host’s programs, products and services—you work from a home office and set your own work hours. An agreement between you as the IC and the host agency is determined.

As an IC, you’re the boss, in control of your own destiny.