An Exciting Career that Grows with You

It’s difficult to grasp, right out of high school, the difference between a job and a career. In a job, you’re not challenged, you’re not paid for your talents, and you’re not certain the job will still be there next week. In your career, there are more opportunities to grow, your work is more fulfilling, and you’re rewarded for being skilled at what you do.

But more importantly, you’re told what to do in a job. In your career, you make the decisions; you follow your passions. Following your passions is what Travel and Tourism is all about.

Travel and Tourism generates over $2.1 trillion in the United States per year. That’s trillion with a “T.” Over the decades, tourism has continued to grow, becoming more diverse and adaptable in the process. As a result, it’s one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world.

In the United States alone, there are more than eight million jobs in the Travel and Tourism sector. These professions cover a wide range, from travel agents working in the comfort of their own homes to employees at air, hotel, rail and car rental offices. More importantly, these professions are constantly seeking new talent.

Retail travel is facing a talent gap. Nearly 70% of the agency workforce is older than 55, according  to the American Society of Travel Agents. One major supplier estimates that 30-40% of it’s top producing retailers will retire in the next five years.

-American Society of Travel Agents

14.4 million: Total number go American jobs supported by travel.

48: number of states where travel is a top ten employer

-U.S. Travel Association