Travel Leaders Academy

Your Passport to a New Career

Travel is filled with adventure. Crossing borders, experiencing new cultures, seeing the world’s most mesmerizing landmarks with your own eyes. It’s a world bursting with history, art and jaw-dropping vistas. It’s an industry where memories are made.

Travel is filled with opportunities. At every 5-star hotel, onboard every luxurious cruise ship, behind every well-planned itinerary is a travel professional helping someone’s travel dreams come true. There are hundreds of different careers in the Travel and Tourism industry. Careers that are rewarding and flexible. Careers that can start right here, right now, with you.

“Want to see the world? If travel is your passion, then there is no better way to see the world than through a career in the travel industry. With a serious shortage of travel agent professionals, there’s probably no better way or time to enter this exciting industry where we put that passion into practice, making dreams of a lifetime a reality. Travel Leaders Academy will provide exceptional, hands-on training necessary to prepare and equip the travel agents of the future.”

- David Lovick
- David LovickPresident Travel Leaders Market Square

14.4 million: Total number go American jobs supported by travel.

48: number of states where travel is a top ten employer

-U.S. Travel Association